RivieraSpa STRATO 2.0 портативный


The compact dimensions of the Strato make it the perfect pool for your bathroom retreat. Its modern, linear design makes this pool the centrepiece of your home’s bathing space.

The convenient central entry also includes the skimmer to create a stylish symmetry. Four massage areas with different jets and a massage lounge are perfect for allowing the relaxing air bubbles to massage your body and add oxygen to your blood. Strong, rotating back jets get the circulation going and strengthen the muscles. A hit not only for your physical wellness, but also for your home’s style. The Strato features an innovative insulating cover that lets you turn it into a daybed for chilling out after your whirlpool treatment. This daybed is stable enough that two people can lounge on it when installed atop the pool.

Мест: 4
Размеры: 194 см x 194 см x 85 см
Снаружи: 211 см x 211 см x 97 см
Объем: 1.300 л.
2 jet controls, 6 + 4 superjets, 2 turbojets, 10 microjets, 10 Airjets

Преимущества RivieraSpa

RivieraPool изготавливает спа бассейны в Германии с 1976 года:
для дома и улицы, в отели, фитнес-центры и на круизные лайнеры.