The Wave portable is the compact version of the Wave, making it possible to take the pool on the road, for use indoors or out.

Chic panels made from modern, weather-resistant Resysta makes this whirlpool perfect for outdoor use in both summer and winter. Solid technology “made in Germany” offering tool-free total access to all pool functions. Top-notch insulation keeps the heat of the pumps inside the motor chamber. A stable step before the central access makes it easy to climb into the pool. A handrail is not necessary because you can just sit on the stable Resysta edge and slide quickly and safely into the pool. The weather-resistant outdoor cover connects to the panels via a channel joint which makes it easy to fold open and shut.

Мест: 4
Размеры: 194 см x 220 см x 85 см
Снаружи: 250 см x 250 см x 97 см
Объем: 1.710 л.
2 jet controls, 6 superjets, 4 turbojets, 16 microjets, 10 airjets

Преимущества RivieraSpa

RivieraPool изготавливает спа бассейны в Германии с 1976 года:
для дома и улицы, в отели, фитнес-центры и на круизные лайнеры.