Stainless steel pools

Stainless steel: The stuff that dream pools are made of.

Large or small, indoor or outdoor, leisure, wellness or hydrotherapy – there’s a virtually limitless variety of pools.

At ESM Schwimmbad, we create stainless steel pools for all kinds of requirements. But whatever the type, there are some things all our pools all have in common, a modern and elegant style and extreme durability – because you want your pool to stay beautiful long into the future.

Outdoor Pools

Exposure to the elements, whether to rain, heat, severe frost, or just water and waves is punishment enough for any material.

Can an outdoor pool last forever?

The experience we have gained in the building of stainless steel pools has brought us much closer to achieving this ideal.

Whether indoor or outdoor, we make every conceivable effort to ensure that our pools remain as attractive in the future, as they are today.

Indoor or outdoor pool – it makes no difference.

Indoor Pools

Indoor pools, swimmer pools, preferably 25 x 12m, and non swimmer pools, with streaming channels, underwater spot lights, massage jets, water spouts and underwater rests. Clients and operators especially appreciate the fact that our pools will remain absolutely watertight without seepage or water damage to surroundung areas or structures.

Stainless Steel Swimming pools, always the perfect choice, whether renovating existing pools, or building new ones.

The modular construction of our pools, side wall modules up to 6m in length, allow`s for quick installation of our low maintenance stainless steel swimming pools in already existing buildings.

Hotel Pools

When I enter a hotel, I leave the stresses and the strains of everyday life behind me.
A different world surrounds and envelopes me. High class cuisine, sumptuous rooms, exceptional service…

…I allow myself to get wonderfully spoilt.

Good hoteliers anticipate their guests´needs. They understand that fitness and wellness have become an important concept of hotel management and greatly influences customer satisfation.

Top hoteliers make dreams come true.

Therapy and Exercise Pools

"A fountain of youth"
in stainless steel

“I don’t believe that I can name any medicine that cures more reliably than water.”

Sebastian Kneipp, father of the "kneippen cure" hydropathical treatment

When Kneipp began to promote the healing virtues of water to doctors and the sick, he could not have foreseen the variety of treatments that are now in use today, to reduce pain, to cure, and of course to help us to relax.

With the development of modern therapies and the ‘discovery’ of Wellness, pools have become genuine fountains of youth for the body and soul. The technical demands that are placed upon therapy pools are as diverse as their applications. This is why we have specialized in the design and construction of these facilities in stainless steel.

Even small pools, when made of stainless steel, can be fully equipped – with underwater rests = spa jets, massage jets, water spouts, jet stream counter flows , streaming channels, underwater spot lights and even underwater music. Stainless steel pools are distinguished by their contemporary elegance, custom made to meet each individual requirement.

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