Health, Leisure and Competititive Sport. Streaming water for your well-being.

The wide variety of exercises possible in streaming water, and the high demands placed upon the co-ordination of movement is ideal training for top and amateur athletes, patients as well as for relaxation an well being.

The total mobilisation of all muscle groups of the body in streaming water enables an optimisation in performance, which training on a bicycle or a treadmill cannot match.


Olympic base „Green Boat“, Shanghai (China)

Flumes for top swimmers

Flumes for swimmers are used in particular for training and diagnosis, in amateur and competitive sports. This version allows a flow rate of up to 2.5m/s and is equipped with an underwater window and/or cameras with digital recording facilities. Spiroergometric tests can be carried out on every swim stroke up to competition speed.

Technical Specification:

Dimensions: 5,50 m x 4,00 m
Water depth: 1,50 m
Application: Competitive sports
Water flow: 0 - 2,5 m/s

Realised: 2004/05
Planning: Technisches Zentrum Leipzig


Elbeschwimmhalle Magdeburg

Flume for competitive sports

A flume allows for an excellent optimisation of swimming technique and tactics when preparing for competitions. Concomitant to training exercises, performance can be objectified by biomechanical, sports-medical, sports-psychological and training-methodological tests. These results enable improved individualised loading and training concepts. A flume is indispensable to modern competition training.

Technical Specification:

Dimensions: 4,40 m x 3,80 m
Water depth: 1,20m
Application: Competitive sports
Water flow: 0 - 2,5 m/s
Realised: 2003/04
Client: Regional Capital Magdeburg
Planning: Technisches Zentrum Leipzig


"Baltic" Sports and Holiday Hotel, Bernsteintherme Zinnowitz.

Flumes are perfect for maintaining fitness, sports injury rehabilitation and competition sport.

Specific individual demands and loadings which can be measured, performance objectification, all allow for an optimal treatment. The patient experiences performance improvement or failure directly during training, body awareness and sensomotoric sensation can be successfully developed by varying the flow rate. Notably the massaging effect of water upon the whole body deserves special mention.

Technical Specification:

Dimensions: 7,60m x 6,50m
Water depth: 1,50m
Application: Competitive sports and rehabilitation
Water flow: 0 - 2,5 m/s
Realised: 2001
Planning: Technisches Zentrum Leipzig


MEDICA-Klinik Leipzig

Flumes for maintaining fitness and rehabilitation.

Flumes for therapy, rehabilitation and prevention are ideal for In- and Out-patient rehabilitation treatment facilities. The ’Streaming in’ version is the perfect custom-design. This provides for a passive area in the right and/or in the left half of the pool, allowing the patient to warm up and rest without having to get out of the water. Extendable steps, ladders, lifts and other aids make it possible to treat severely handicapped and non-swimmers.

Technical Specification:

Dimensions: 7,50 m x 4,70 m / 2,90 m
Water depth: 1,30 m
Application: rehabilitation
Water flow: 0,1 - 1,5 m/s
Realised: 1998
Planning: Technisches Zentrum Leipzig