About Company

ECTES (Ecology Technologies and Engineering Systems) is a closed joint stock company, founded in May, 1992.


The company has a federal license FLC – 001123-3 to carry out following works: 

  • town-planning documentation working out;
  • architectural design;
  • structural design and construction;
  • engineering networks and systems design;
  • working out of separate project parts;
  • ventilation, sanitary and wiring ware production;

building and construction works:

  • bearing structures construction;
  • construction and equipment protection;
  • building finishing works;
  • interior engineering systems creation;
  • manufacturing equipment installation;
  • balancing and commissioning;
  • general contractor functions.

ECTES possesses a considerable experience in swimming pools construction and maintenance, including water-distributing systems and water treatment systems creation, waterproofing and finishing works.