Design and construction

General information

img-15 Designers and architects working in ECTES are highly qualified specialists, able to solve complex problems in the sphere of engineering and architectural design, applying the latest Russian and international standards, including FINA, DIN, EN:


  • building layout, including water parks, sport and entertainment centres;
  • concrete structures, including swimming pool and fountain bowls of all kinds;
  • circulating water purification and disinfection systems, including combined ozone and ultraviolet water treatment systems;
  • fountain complexes technological systems;
  • technological systems of artesian or surface source water purification and disinfection for domestic water consumption;
  • waste-water treatment technological systems;
  • construction electrotechnical systems;
  • automation systems of technological processes and connection systems;
  • interior design;
  • separate project parts working out.


  • For a more detailed presentation of the construction we create project design and 3d graphic visualization from different standpoints.
  • Interior design creation has 3 aspects::
    - design;
    - style;
    - technological aspect.

Architectural design

  • environment objects and systems overall organization, united presentation of all components.
  • area functional and material content presentation.

We create architectural design of:

  • business centers;
  • trade and entertainment centers;
  • cinemas, restaurants, clubs, hotels;
  • sport and health centers;
  • office buildings;
  • cottages and industrial projects.

Architectural design includes project draft and working project design for construction, reconstruction, engineering services of project documentation creation and approval.

  1. Project draft (pre-project offer) is a preliminary design stage. Project draft defines customer demands to town-planning, architectural, artictic, construction, ecology and functional aspects of the future project.


  • general layout scheme
  • store drafts
  • perspective views
  • fronts in colour
  • construction cuts
  1. Official building permit.
  2. Project working design includes necessary documentation for project approval by all authorities to carry out further construction.


  • general layout
  • construction organization project
  • architectural aspect
  • construction solutions
  • heating system
  • ventilation
  • air conditioning
  • water-supply and sewerage system
  • electrotechnical aspect, electrical equipment
  • interior engineering networks
  • interior lightning


After the first meeting with the customer our specialists create several variants of the construction layout. Pre-project offer may include an outline of one of the most important areas. Pre-Project offer is prepared for free.
Pre-Project offer is made to understand how the customer and the architect understand each other.
Pre-Project work helps to create a more detailed project specification as important details are mentioned in the process of discussion.
After Pre-Project works, if a customer approves of our approach, we conclude an agreement, including a detailed project specification.

Services provided by the studio:


ForProject includes documentation created in the frameworks of the project in accordance with specification.
Before starting construction we visit construction site, study its peculiarities, make all necessary measurements. This procedure is necessary for further construction works.

Project design is divided into 3 stages.

ForProject includes:

  • construction site measurements;
  • construction site peculiarities analysis;
  • zoning;
  • interior solutions working out with furniture and equipment installation sites;
  • replanning documentation preparation.

After project layout approval we start construction zones design creation in accordance with customer desires and demands.
In the process of design solutions discussion a customer chooses the most appropriate variant. After that follows a more detailed project draft creation, so that it meets customer demands.


Project draft includes:

  • area solid modelling;
  • style solutions working out;
  • detailed work with approved style solutions.


During this stage we prepare documentation needed for project realization:

  • floor plan;
  • ceiling plan;
  • electric equipment installation plan (sockets, outlets, feeble-current outlets);
  • lightning installation sites;
  • water-supply and sewage system plans;
  • air conditioning and ventilation schemes;
  • construction elements design;
  • construction cuts and sections, needed to realize design solutions;
  • finishing materials documentation.


Field supervision are actions carried out to secure technological, architectural, stylistic, construction and other aspects compliance with solutions approved by a customer, stated in project specification.
Field supervision includes construction site visits for a more detailed view of the project realization. It is also aimed at solving problems with project documentation occurred during the project realization.
All problems mentioned above can be solved at the construction site or in our office.


ECTES provides services in the sphere of public housing, sport and entertainment centres construction.

We work on general contractor or subcontractor basis. We carry out all general contractor works in accordance with the license D 2100733, registered number GS – 1-99-02-27-0-77282006761-003985-1 dated 20.August, 2003, considering all legislative norms and standards, terms and responsibilities.


We provide services in the sphere of construction works management:

  • subcontractor agreements conclusion to carry out separate part of construction works;
  • construction works carrying out in accordance with project documentation;
  • construction works carrying out which fully meet project documentation;
  • providing order maintenance of carried out works;
  • providing resources and construction equipment;
  • transfer of ready construction to an organization in charge of building operation.

We carry out building and construction works in accordance with existing standards. We keep all technological pauses. For example, in case of swimming pool construction, after concreting – before waterproofing.

We make designs and lead construction works in accordance with customer demands, applying up-to-date technologies. We hope that our experience since 1992 and positive customer references about our work is a guarantee that your investments are in reliable hands.