Water parks, swimming pools and fountains

Water parks

ECTES is a co-founder of the Russian Water Park Association. ECTES offers services of water park construction and guarantees its customers future construction operation efficiency and safety.

Water park is a health care and public entertainment complex which combines water recreation and entertainment facilities, including swimming pools, water attractions for children and adults, hydro-massage baths, saunas, solaria, fitness and healthcare facilities, fast food cafes and restaurants and other accompanying services.

Water park is a world of fun, health and pure water!

A water park will operate trouble-free, live like a living organism, all parts of which form a harmonic entity, if the following conditions are fulfilled: a team work of professionals, designers, engineers, technologists; mutual understanding between investors and partners; confidence and respect of customers and executors.

The most important part is the construction reliability, attractions safety, correct visitor attendance tracing and visitor flows distribution (entrance, exit, recreation activity), good water characteristics maintenance which are epidemiologically safe and suitable for children.

Our experience in water parks construction shows that public buildings play a big town-planning and social role, such buildings bring into a city image new architectural accents, simultaneously center functioning is highly profitable.

Water parks in contrast to tradition swimming pools have free attendance hours and offer visitors various activities which meet the requirements of different visitor groups.

Water parks are gaining popularity today, attracting more and more visitors.

Water parks create ideal conditions for family and friends rest, atmosphere of soul and physical rest. Visitors get real pleasure, feel healthy and cheerful.

There are two kinds of water parks: open-air and indoor.

Open-air water parks are located most of all in seaside resorts and are open only in warm seasons. The main difference from indoor water parks is a well-equipped territory with beaches, open cafes and bars, shops, small hotels, children rooms and other entertainment facilities and buildings.

Indoor water parks are complex hydro-technical constructions with an artificial climate and water-therapeutic influence. Indoor water parks offer water entertainment activities and rest all the year round in all climate zones, not depending from weather conditions. Besides various safety requirements, visitors flow tracing and visitors distribution, water characteristics maintenance, reliability and efficiency of applied constructional solutions, it is also very important to maintain microclimate conditions.
A standard temperature of water in a swimming pool is +26°C to +28 °C, air temperature is a bit higher – about +28°C to + 30 °C.

Water attractions complex construction needs careful engineering and technological requirements compliance, a serious approach to construction materials and construction site choice. The choice of water attractions producer is also of great importance. There is a great variety of offers, but only a few producers meet up-to-date safety requirements.

A contemporary water park is equipped with devices which secure water recirculation, ventilation and air conditioning.

Microclimate maintenance is secured by multi-functional climate systems. Coordination of all engineering systems can be done in an automated or manual mode.

Already finished constructions. Water parks:

  • Vidyaevo. Murmansk region;
  • Fitness-center “Cimberly land” (Moscow);
  • Fitness-center. Rublevkoe highway, 48 (Moscow);
  • “Polyana” sanatorium of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation.


Swimming pools

Swimming pool is a complex hydroengineering construction consisting of a pool and special technical area equipped with engineering systems of water treatment and heating, automated control system, ventilation and air conditioning.

Water treatment automated control system secures proper and effective swimming pool operation.

A great attention is paid to water analysis and sanitary and bacteriological water parameters. The main technologic equipment are filters and chemical water treatment system (chlorination, UV and ozone treatment which decreases chlorine level in water), automated reagent metering device.

Comfort swimming is secured by swimming pool water heating up to 26-28°C with the help of heat exchangers and electric heaters.

Modern swimming pools are equipped with various water attractions:

  • chutes;
  • artificial waterfalls;
  • hydro massage installations;
  • geysers;
  • counterflows.

For better esthetic presentation and safety swimming pools are equipped with underwater lights.

Swimming pool operation durability and visitor safety can be secured by the following parameters:

  • proper project design documentation preparation;
  • solid concrete construction of a swimming pool;
  • proper swimming pool water proofing;
  • choice of technologic and entertainment equipment;
  • hygiene and antiskid coating application (roundabout walks, “Roman” ladders etc.);
  • construction works carried out in accordance with rules and standards;

Comfortable atmosphere is created with roundabout walks in a closed swimming pool. You can walk barefoot feeling comfortable.

Swimming pools are decorated with tiles, mosaic or PVC coating. Special swimming pool tiles are produced with different kinds of surfaces:

  • slick for pool interior finishing;
  • rough non-skid tiles for “Rome” stairs finishing and separate swimming pools zones;
  • ribbed for places where sportsmen push off the swimming pool walls;
  • non-skid ribbed tiles are laid along swimming pool borders for roundabout walks zones.

For swimming pools we apply up-to-date ceiling coatings. Ceiling coatings are stretching film or netlike ceiling materials which produce an outstanding water reflection effect or strengthen volume effect in a swimming pool. Some kinds of ceiling coatings perfectly hide constructions or engineering distribution pipelines. They also don’t need addition expenditures on ventilation run-outs.

Swimming pools can be public or private

Public swimming pools are huge constructions attended by big amounts of people. Public swimming pools are sport, municipal, school etc. and also club and hotel. Public swimming pools are controlled by sanitary inspectors.

When designing public swimming pools, specialists take into account first of all human factor, that means combination of high sanitary water characteristics with visitors’ comfort.

Visitors bring to water microbes and viruses. Soil particles, sand, dust are brought to water from surrounding environment with wind or rain (open swimming pools), through windows, doors and ventilation (closed swimming pool). All of these decrease organoleptic water characteristics, its purity and clearness and simultaneously are nutrient media for bacteria, aquatic plants etc.

No secret that swimming pools are very popular in Russia, even the ones with technologically old water treatment systems which don’t secure proper water characteristics and efficient operation. Clear water without smell and mixtures provides outstanding presentation and attracts new visitors.

Overflowing system

Recycling water treatment is done as follows. Water coming up from bottom inlets to overflow shoots along the sides of a swimming pool comes through water pipes to an automated system of interior water supply balance tank (in case water level in a swimming pool falls). From a balance tank water is pumped to filtration place and then is heated in a heat exchanger and after that comes to a swimming pool through bottom inlets. Flocculants are added to swimming pool water just before filtration.

Professional servicing of a swimming pool and application of up-to date water treatment technologies, equipment and water characteristics control secure high water purity and characteristics.

Private swimming pool is used by a separate family or by several people. Skimmer water treatment systems are applied for private swimming pools. Number of skimmers depends on a size of a swimming pool, its square and volume. Circulation water treatment is done as follows: water is delivered through wall inlets, situated on an end wall of a swimming pool and then water is displaced to skimmers, situated on the opposite side of a swimming pool, comes to sand filters, after that to heaters and back through wall inlets into a swimming pool. Chemical reagents are added to manually or automatically to a pipe before filtration. Water chlorination is carried out before water comes to a swimming pool with a help of an additions feeder. For swimming pools of higher classes overflowing system are applied.

In other climate zones, medium and north, mostly closed swimming pools are constructed as they can be used all the year round. This requires not so many expenditures as it seems from the first sight.

Swimming pools gallery

Already constructed swimming pools:

  • Sotchi central military sanatorium of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Sotchi, Krasnodarsky region);
  • Healthcare center of the Central military sanatorium of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, general contractor (Sotchi, Krasnodarsky region);
  • Sport club of Center for children of creative development with two swimming pools 450 m3 and 40 m3, choreographic hall and other areas (Krasnoznamensk, Moscow);
  • PROTEK company swimming pool, 120 m3 (Moscow, Biberevo, Ostashkovskaya str.);
  • “Lesnie dali” sanatorium swimming pool of the Administrative department of the President of the Russian Federation, 425 m3 (Odintsovsky area, Moscow region);
  • Housing estate “Sinyaya ptiza” swimming pool 425,75m3 and 42 m3 (Moscow, 5th district, Severnoe Butovo);
  • “Zolotie peski” sanatorium of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation 300 m3 and 18 m3 (Anapa, Krasnodarky region);
  • A number of swimming pools 12 to 80 m3 for private customers.



ECTES provides services of fountains design, construction and reconstruction. We offer our clients static and dynamic fountains, including colour and music fountains with a computer control. When creating colour and music fountains we apply the latest technical achievements.

We apply the latest technical achievements. Fountains are one of the best decorations of city squares, boulevards and parks. They make us look anew on citizen recreation zones. A large scale of water jets creates an unforgettable water image.

It is obvious that city fountains are becoming more and more popular.

Fountains can be placed either indoor or open-door, it depends on architect’s design ideas. A very simple and not expensive fountain is a fountain bowl with one fountain jet producing a constant water flow and several underwater lights, decorating a fountain at night. A fountain operates trouble-free, when an automated replenishing system for water level maintenance and a multi-stage water purification system are installed in a fountain complex. Pumps and all equipment, a control panel and automated mechanisms are usually located in a special technical area. Technical rooms for open-door fountains are underground or subsurface.

City fountains and fountain complexes significantly enliven a city image. Fountains create a cool and comfort atmosphere for citizens rest even in hot weather.

Among all kinds of open-air fountains colour and music fountains occupy the first position. The main feature of such fountains is a special program control of jet height and lightning in accordance with playing music. This combination enables to create colour and music performances, using different kinds of music. Jet lightning can be done either with simple underwater lights or with LED or fiber-optic equipment. When it is getting dark, a fountain is shimmering with lights and music plays from speakers located near a fountain. Music can be chosen randomly. A melody sets colour play parameters, height and intensity of water jets. A special software program unites music, colour and water. Colour and music fountain control is done with the help of a control panel or a computer connected to an audiosystem.

Colour and music fountains are points of interest in many cities and tourist centers of the world.

ECTES provides services of customized fountain items manufacturing (water distribution devices, screen filters, collectors etc.) made of stainless steel, PVC and also a wide range of equipment and accessories for fountains.

Already finished fountains:

  • fountain with lights “Krasnaya Polyana” (Krasnodarsky region);
  • three fountains with lights (Balashikha, Moscow region);
  • fountain with lights in the central army sanatorium “Sotchi” (Sotchi, Krasnodarsky region);
  • colour and music fountain on the territory of healthcare complex “Vityaz” (Anapa, Krasnodarsky region);
  • fountain with lights on the territory of the oncology center N. Blokhin (Moscow, Kashirskoe highway 24);
  • colour and music fountain (2.5 hectare) with fiber-optic lights and a computer control (Noginsk, Moscow region);
  • fountains with lights on the territory of MSTU N. Bauman (Moscow, 2 Baumanskaya str. 5);
  • fountain with lights in the trading center “Global City” (Moscow, m. “Yuzhnaya”);
  • fountain with lights near the “Tiflis” restaurant (Moscow, Ostozhenka str. 32);
  • colour and music foutain with fiber-optic lights and a computer control (Krasnozemsk, Moscow region);
  • fountain with lights in a private residence (Saltikovka, Moscow region);
  • five fountains in the sanatorium “Zolotie peski” of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Anapa, Krasnodarsky region).