WHG Sanierung von Auffangflächen und -räumen

Example for project related NBT consultation and conception:

Reconstruction of a Backhold room, Gap Plant - Company FAG, Schweinfurt / Germany

The problem definition was to provide a reconstruction concept which avoids production interruption and which also corresponds to the German water management law

Necessary to be considered was also that the containers were neither risible nor lift able and that the container sub-construction was made of T-beams, which were lattice-moderately welded

Considering the above, NBT has provided the following reconstruction concept:

Cleaning of the heavy dirty concrete surface by using a high pressure stream jet device (pressure = 300 bar), Steam = 260 °C.

Drilling of the T-beams in the intermediate fields.

Priming of the surface with a special oil-displacing EP.

The filling of the, only with piping attainable intermediate fields, container was realized with a special priming casting resin.

The execution of these works took place under employment of a miniature video camera particularly conceived for this purpose with which the pouring was supervised and noted and a full surface order was ensured.

The existing surface joints were covered with a flexible dragging tire and coated afterwards.

The complete area was coated with a PU pour able plastic (which corresponds to the guidelines of the German water regimen law).

The tank intermediate fields were implemented with a certified PUR-PLASTIC in the same procedure as the priming work (point 4).

Lining of the existing discharge spouts as well as pump shafts took place with glass-fibre reinforced polyester, which was chemical resistant sealed afterwards.

These works were executed in October 2000 and examined and approved by the TUV Wuerzburg in November 2000.