Discharge spouts reconstruction

Leaky discharge spouts finally and durably reconstructed!!!

Do you have a problem with leaky discharge spouts? We have the solution!

Our System NBT-RF-Special offers the possibility to you to reconstruct discharge spouts durably with an extremely tear-bridging effect, according to the guidelines of the German WHG (Water Regimen Law) §19.

The reconstruction of the discharge spouts takes place via a lining with spun glass fortified plastic.

Our system NBT-RF-Special allows the user the trouble free lining of

  • Joint differences
  • Gutter connections
  • Oil-contaminated discharge spouts

NBT-RF-Special allows an economical reconstruction without costly construction measures.

NBT-RF-Special has been already used, with outstanding success, specially in tear-bridging sealing, in chemical and mineral oil-processing industries.