NBT – WHG – Joint Repair

Reconstruct leaky joints durable and finally!!!

Do you have trouble with leaky joints? NBT has the solution!

With NBT’s patented NFD - 10 system, we offer you the possibility to reconstruct joints durable and with an extremely tear-bridging effect, corresponding German water regimen law.
The principle of the reconstruction is based on revising the joints, i.e. the joint is durable and tear-bridging locked at the surface

Joint misalignments as well as extreme coefficients of expansion are no longer a problem if our system NFD - 10 is used.
It grants the possibility to expand a joint of approx. 2 cm up to coefficients of expansion of approx. 10 cm!
Even oil-contaminated concrete surfaces are usually trouble-free to seal.
We could obtain already large success with our tear-bridging sealing system in the chemical as well as in the mineral oil-processing industry.


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